Well, I have started the first week in my brand new school by setting up a Padlet page for every class I teach.

Padlet for those who don’t know is a kind of rolling blog similar to twitter. I have set it up, so only those who know the unique address can access it.

I have encouraged students to use it to help each other with homework and other Science related issues, or just to chat about interesting topics. The rationale is that if they struggle with a concept or homework, they have instant help available.

I have also set up the page to send me daily notifications via email to make me aware of any activity. That way if no one else answers, then I can help.

The year 7 class were the first to be introduced to this and they have been active on it all night. I think that they will require reminders during homeworks that the resource is there.

Let’s see if it works long-term.


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