Google Drive

Google drive is a great way for setting up a file sharing base for teachers and students. Of course, you can use your school’s VLE if available, however the schools I have worked at have used Moodle, which I have found to be far from user-friendly. I was shown a fantastic way to use google drive by a teacher at my previous school. Basically I opened a spreadsheet file and then across the top row I wrote the names of my A-Level students. Down the first column I then wrote all of the criteria on the scheme of work. I made the file open to anyone to edit. I then found the web address for the spreadsheet from the ‘share’ option and then copied it. Finally I went to to get a shortened version of the address and shared it with my students.

The students then went onto the spreadsheet and bascially RAG (red, amber, green) graded their confidence levels. I now have a clear picture of what I need to target for their revision.


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