Socrative is an an amazing free program for teachers. It is basically online quiz/exit ticket software with which teachers can generate their own quizzes or import pre-made ones. They then open the quiz up to their students whom can access the website via a computer, or apple or android based app. There is a lot of flexibility as it can be teacher-paced or student paced. It could be led from the front as a whole class activity, or if a limited number of devices are available they could be passed around the classroom whilst students are conducting independent learning, so that by the end of the lesson the teacher will have data on the whole class. The data can then be saved as a spreadsheet. It’s not new technology as there have been quizdom type ICT equipment that does the same job, but the beauty of this is that it is free and can be run on pre-exisiting hardware i.e. smartphones.

I used Socrative this week with my year 9 class to revise photosynthesis. I basically used a who wants to be a millionaire powerpoint template to make it feel interactive and fun and had students answer the questions on their phones. The results was great and I now have a spreadsheet where I realise I need to target fertilisers a little more for revision.


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